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Why Choose DevRecruit

At DevRecruit we are talent focused. Our vision is to churn-out best characted professionals for continental and global excellence. You can count on us for the best Talent Pool in Africa and not just a CV.


Cost Effective Recruits

We offer a smart and cost effective way to access a pool of talent with just downloading a CV of your desired choice and avoid going through a recruitment agency.


Verified Talents

Our talent pool have been verified regardless of their location in Africa. We have deployed a very strict due-diligence process before on-boarding these talents into DevRecruit Platform.


Secured Data Repo

Be rest assured that every data privacy policy has been strictly adhered to. Our data is fully secured using the highest data security protocols and will not be compromised for any reason.


Corporate/Freelance Hire

Find resources who are willing to work with you as a corporate organization, contract or a freelancer. Happy to get your feedback on their services with you in the cause of the engagment.


App Auction Marketplace

(Coming soon)

Coming soon will be an auction marketplace for business driven developers and entrepreneurs to publish and sell their applications, businesses or softwares for individuls and coporates to buy.


Fast and Friendly Support

we are avalaible 24/7 everyday to support your needs and solve your request. We have well trained resources to ensure that your needs are sorted as qucik as possible.

Pricing Categories

One-Time Search

N 1,498/CV Download

  • Access to Tech CVs
  • Download And Search for CVs

Premium Request

N 24,499/Request

  • Access to 3-5 fully verified talents
  • Managed Services

Recruiters & Corporate

N 46,888/month

  • Unlimited access to verified CVs
  • Unlimited access to Talents
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What Clients Say About DevRecruit

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Lord Hamrah Ltd.

Being a client, I tried several recruitment agencies but no success. Then I heard of Devrecruit online via Instagram, I thought I give it a try and it worked. We sourced for the best talents and its cheap as well.

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Quadiri Emmaneul

Senior software developer.

Devrecruit is Africa’s Number 1 truly certified base for developers who truly want to expose themselves to clients who know what they want. Devrecruit has helped me no small way. Anytime, any day it’s Devrecruit for me.

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Front-end Developer.

I joined Devrecruit and it has been an amazing experience. It is not just make money as a developer but meeting cooperate client who desire excellence in their jobs. Thanks to Devcenter.

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Augular JS specialist.

Any better platform such as this in Africa? Not sure. With Devrecruit you screened not just online but physically to be sure you posse the right skills. I have learnt a lot and I am still learning seriously in my DevRecruit wallet.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Fast and Friendly Support

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